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Liham (Letters) Project takes off from handwritten letters that were born out of a need to communicate with loved ones while away from home. In a series of live workshops, the participants take on this form of communication and use drawing and letter-writing to document, record, and contemplate on their experiences, to tell their stories as Filipino migrant workers, and to cope with being away from home, especially in this time of pandemic. 

These letters were presented during a Facebook live event titled Pagbubukas ng Liham (Opening of letters). This event was shortly followed by a live artist talk.


Archive of illustrated letters from our participants addressed to their families, communities and the Filipino public.

Click on the images to listen to the artists read their letters.

Day 1: Basics of drawing and coloring objects

We started the workshop with warm-up exercises, and drawing, rendering, and coloring basic 3D geometric shapes. Then the participants were asked to draw an object/ objects that remind them of their loved ones.

Day 2: Envelope making

Using the envelope as a metaphor for travel and as a vessel of stories, the participants each made an envelope from scratch, and were asked to design it as a form of self-portrait, according to how they see themselves as migrant workers.

Day 3: Drawing places and Landscapes

The participants made postcards showing their favorite places abroad. In this workshop we talked about the places they go to, to unwind during their day-offs.